Kansas Department of Administration
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Notification Mailing Lists

Please complete the form below to subscribe to any of the email notification lists provided by the Department of Administration.  The available email notification lists are: 

  • A&R Info Circs - notifies you when new Informational Circulars (accounting and payroll) from Accounts and Reports are available.  Also notifies when Policy and Procedure filings have been updated.
  • SHARP Infolist - up-to-date information relating to SHARP transactions, procedures, and system status.
  • SMART Infolist - Information related to the SMART system.
  • KS Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) - Annual email to notify you when the KS CAFR has been posted to the website.
  • New jobs – A weekly notification of new job vacancies added to the Notice of Vacancy List and information regarding applicant workshops, career fairs, and changes to the Job Website.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to click to confirm that we have the correct email address.  This email will come from only one of the lists if you subscribed to more than one.  You will receive welcome emails from each list, once you have confirmed, letting you know which lists you have successfully subscribed to.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, please review your email address and try subscribing again.



To Unsubscribe:

Please contact us with any problems in subscribing or unsubscribing.