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Municipal Services

Download instructions:  

Each of the downloadable spreadsheets found under ‘Budget Forms’ are provided in Microsoft Excel. First, select the spreadsheet that will meet your needs for completing the budget by reviewing the description as to what the spreadsheet contains. Using the mouse left button, click on the desired spreadsheet and a box should appear with the question; do you want to open or save this file? Click on the ‘Save’ button and another box will appear with ‘Save As’. In the ‘Save in:’ block, you can either enter the file location or use the arrow button to the right to scroll to the desire file location. Next, go to the ‘File name:’ and change the file name to meet your needs. Once the information has been entered, then click on the save button to the right. Another box will appear indicating download complete and will give you three options to select; open, open folder, and close. Choosing the open button will take to the spreadsheet you just saved and may start working of the budget. Choosing the open folder will take you to the last file you just saved, the file will be highlighted, you simply click on the file to open, and may start working on the budget. The open folder option is usually used when numerous spreadsheets have been saved for future usage and you want to start working on the last spreadsheet saved. Choosing the close option will take you back to the budget form page and you may chose another spreadsheet to save or you may exit the website. If you have difficulty in downloading any of these spreadsheets, please feel free to contact us....