Kansas Department of Administration, Office of Management Analysis and Standards
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Municipal Services

Fee Schedule

The appropriation bill passed by the Legislature as found in the 2013 Session Laws of Kansas, Vol. 2, Ch. 136 Sec. 111(d) requires the Municipal Services Team of the Division of Accounts and Reports to collect fees to cover the cost of all services rendered.  The Municipal Services Team of the Division of Accounts and Reports, collects fees to cover the cost of all services rendered.  Fees must be paid when the audit is filed or when the service is performed.  The following fee schedule is in effect:


Audit Filing Fee* - Educational Municipalities 
          (USDs Community Colleges, Municipal Universities)
Audit Filing Fee* - Rural Water Districts   $75
Audit Filing Fee* - Other Municipalities   $150

Budget Workshops and Municipal Seminars $50
Copies (per copy) .25
Scanning (per municipality budget) $10


*The "Certificate of Filing" will be issued when the audit is received and the fee is paid.

Checks for services should be made payable to the Director of Accounts and Reports.  Payments should be mailed to the Division of Accounts and Reports, Municipal Services Section, 900 SW Jackson, Room 351 S, Topeka, Kansas 66612-1248.

In addition to fee-based services listed above, the Municipal Services Team will continue to provide services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Design and distribute uniform municipal budget forms
  • Central repository for municipal budgets
  • Approve prescribed audit procedures (KMAAG)
  • Acknowledge receipt of municipal audits
  • Perform audit reviews (as staffing allows)
  • Central repository for municipal audits
  • Provide assistance to municipalities (as staffing allows)
  • Provide confirmations to auditors of payments made to municipalities from the State of Kansas
  • Provide special reports as requested by the executive and legislative branches of state government
  • Respond to requests received under the Open Records Law