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Target Budgeting Workbook


Target budgeting is a means by which you manage your current year budget to insure – as much as possible – that you finish the current budget year with the unencumbered cash carryover that you wish to take into the next budget year.

The workbook that follows will provide you with the means for calculating per fund (1) projected year-end revenue and expenditures, (2) projected fund carryover into the next budget year, and (3) suggested target budgets for each budgeted fund’s expenditure centers.  Projections rely upon historical and current year revenue and expenditure information.

One workbook per fund.



Click on the following link to view a sample workbook complete with historical data and the current data through the first five months of the fiscal year:

City of Ike General Fund Workbook

To download a template workbook, click on the following link and “save as” to your hard-drive:

Template Workbook