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Behavior Interview Questions Generator

Below are the behavioral based interview questions selected based on your job analysis. Copy and paste the questions into your final document and edit them as it applies to your job analysis.

Very strong evidence skill is not present Strong evidence skill is not present Some evidence skill is present Strong evidence skill is present Very strong evidence skill is present Insufficient evidence to assess
1 2 3 4 5 N/A


Follow-up Probing Questions

  1. You explained to us the situation; tell us more about the action you took and the outcome.
  2. What did you say at that point? 
  3. How did you react to that situation? 
  4. Explain your role in detail? 
  5. Will you give me an example? 
  6. Tell me in detail what you did, the steps you took? 
  7. Tell me more about the result? 
  8. Tell me about the obstacles you faced in getting it done. 
  9. Please give me more details about... 
  10. Describe in sequence the steps you took to get to that point...... 
  11. Please clarify what you mean by... 
  12. Did you consider other options at the time? 
  13. Why do you think you reacted as you did? 
  14. How do you think others felt about your actions at the time? 
  15. Talk to me about how you felt and others involved felt? 
  16. Were you satisfied with the outcome of your actions? 
  17. What was going through you mind when you took that action? 
  18. Looking back on the experience, how do you see things now?