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The Self Service Center Total Compensation Statement- Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Total Compensation Statement?  

  • The Total Compensation Statement is a statement prepared each year to show direct compensation paid to you and indirect compensation paid on your behalf in the prior year.   It does not replace W-2 forms or other income tax related information. 

Why do employees receive a Total Compensation Statement?

  • K.S.A. 75-5550 requires the Division of Personnel Services to prepare and distribute an annual summary of compensation offered by the state.   
What is the difference between direct and indirect compensation?   
  • Direct compensation is pay you received for hours worked, holidays, vacation leave taken, sick leave taken, etc., Indirect compensation includes contributions by the State on your behalf for insurance, retirement and employer required taxes. 

More information about your Total Compensation Statement

I logged on and it tells me that I don't have a Total Compensation Statement.  Why? 

  • The State of Kansas provides an online Total Compensation Statement for all benefits eligible employees excluding employees at Regents Institutions.  The Regents Institutions will provide the information directly to their employees.  
  • In order to have a Total Compensation statement you must have been benefits eligible in SHARP (Statewide Human Resource and Payroll System) and had wages paid to you in in the prior year.  

Why are there no Total Compensation Statements for Regents Employees? 

  • Although employees in Regents institutions receive a paycheck created by the SHARP (statewide Human Resource and Payroll) system, the Regents have decided to create their own annual statements.  Employees at these agencies will be receiving the statements from their human resource offices rather than through the website. 

I worked for both a Regents Institution and a state agency last year, what will be on my statement?

  • If you worked for both a Regents Institution and a state agency last year, your Total Compensation Statement will include earnings from both.  Employees who worked solely for a Regents Institution will not have an online statement. 

I have a question about  my Total Compensation Statement  who do I contact? 

  • You should contact the Human Resource/Personnel Office in the agency where you work since they have access to your personnel and payroll information.   The Self Service Center help desk will not be able to answer questions about individual statements. 

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