Add a New Course
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Before entering your course into PeopleSoft, you will need to make some decisions first.

blue bullet Know the dates, facility, instructor, and equipment.
blue bullet Will there be future sessions of this class or will this be a one-time only class.
blue bullet Is there a prerequisite class?

Once you have this information, you are ready to input the information into PeopleSoft. These are the steps you will take.

blue bullet Go to Training Facilities and seach for your facility. If it is not already entered, add a new facility.
blue bullet Go to Instructors and search for your instructor. If your instructor has not been setup, add a new instructor.
blue bullet Go to Equipment and Materials and search for the equipment or materials you will need. If they have not been setup, add a them.
blue bullet You may also need to add information to Schools, Vendor Contacts, and Training Program.
blue bullet Go to the Course Table and search for your course. If your course has not been setup, add a new one.


Navigation: Enterprise Learning> Define Course/Cost Details> Courses

1. On the Courses search page, click Add A New Value.

2. Type in your new SHARP course code and click Add. **Remember to use your Agency Number as the first 3 digits of your new Course Code.

3. On the Course Profile page, type in the Title, the Short Title and Department.

4. Choose Internal/External (Internal means given by the State of Kansas or by a state agency. External means given by an outside source or school.), Course Type and Primary Delivery Method.

5. Type in the Min/Max Students and Duration (hours).

6. Choose the Course Offering (optional) and proceed to the Prereqs, Goals tab (only if there is a prerequisite course).

7. Type in the prerequisite course code.

8. Move to the Equipement tab and type or search for your equipment.

9. Move to the Description page and type in a description for your course.

....Now that you have set up the course and information, if you have many sessions, you will have an extra step on Courses.

10. Move back to the Course Profile page and click on the Session Administration checkbox. (Go to Course Sessions to set up the new session.)

Too add a new session, click Next below.

To view the Courses pages, see Pages - Courses.

To print step by step instructions, see the How Do I menu.

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