Add a New Session
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Now that you entered your Course and checked on Session Administration, you are ready to set up your session on Course Sessions

Navigation: Enterprise Learning> Define Course/Cost Details> Course Sessions

1. On the Course Sessions search page, click Add A New Value.

2. Type in your SHARP course code and add your Session Number. Click Add.

3. On the Course Session Profile page, type in the Start/End Dates and Start/End Times.

4. Go to the Location, Instructor tab. Choose your facility and click the 'Select free Training room' link to find a vacant room. Select the room on the search page and click OK.

5. Type in the Vendor and the vendor's name.

6. Move to the Equipment tab and type or search for your equipment.

7. Press Save.

To view the Course Session pages, see Pages - Course Sessions.

To print step by step instructions, see the How Do I menu.

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