Enroll, Update, or Cancel Enrollment
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The page Enroll In Course is used to Add or Update information in a student’s training record. It is also used to Cancel out of a course/session. This is the employee's main training record. If an employee requests training through Employee Self-Service and it is approved, the record is recorded here with the status of "Enrolled".

Navigation: Enterprise Learning> Student Enrollment>Enroll in Course

To add a new training record or enroll a student in a class:

  1. Click the plus sign to add a new row.
  2. Enter the Course Code, Session # (if there isn't a Session #, enter a Start and End Date)
  3. Choose the Attendance status. (If the employee has completed the course, choose Complete. If you are enrolling a student, choose Enroll.)
  4. Press Save.

To cancel the employee from a course they were enrolled in:

  1. Navigate to the record.
  2. Change the Attendance status to Cancel, Cancelled, or Dropped.
  3. Press Save.

enroll in course


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