To fully benefit from the information covered in this Computer-Based Training (CBT) you should have completed the Introductory CBT.

The Introductory CBT will teach you how to navigate through the menus and pages and introduce you to the basics of adding, updating, and maintaining data in PeopleSoft.

If you have not already done so, please review the Introductory CBT before proceeding with the Enterprise Learning CBT.

NOTE: Please consider that if Regulations, Bulletins, laws, etc. change, some of these scenarios may not be up-to-date. Continue to monitor the regulation changes and apply those changes to the following scenarios if applicable.

For the most up to date information (including new or revised Regulations and Bulletins), please check the following websites: 
blue bulletSHARP Customer Services (
blue bulletDivision of Personnel Services (
blue bulletAccounts and Reports (

After completing this CBT, you should be able to:
blue bullet Setup up tables required for training courses such as vendors, instructors, and equipment.
blue bullet Setup training courses and sessions. 
blue bullet Enroll students in courses.
blue bullet Track employee training.


Enterprise Learning is used to organize, establish, and track training courses and student participation. 

It is important when setting up a course, that you know all the details of the course prior to enrolling students. This includes:
1. Objectives
2. Requirements
3. Instructor
4. Facility
5. Equipment and Materials
6. Vendors

Course details (vendors, equipment, facilities, and instructors) are setup in Setup Tables. After you setup the details in the Setup Tables, you will want to add your course. A new course is setup in the Course Table. When setting up a new course, you will choose the facility, instructor, equipment, etc. to include. A course can be a single session, or it can have many sessions. If a course will have many sessions, you will use Session Administration and setup each separate instance in the Course Session Table. A student can then be added to the enrollment by going to Student Enrollment and after training is completed; their training can be tracked by running the Student Training Summary.

The Division of Personnel Services (DPS) is required by K.S.A. 75-3747 (1) and K.S.A. 75-3746 (h) to prepare and recommend to the Secretary of Administration, regulations for the development and operation of programs to improve work effectiveness including orientation, on-the-job training, supervisory training and management development. K.A.R. 1-8-6 requires DPS to provide basic guidelines for these programs.

K.S.A. - Kansas Statues Annotated:

K.A.R. - Kansas Administrative Regulations:

Important Notice:
The State of Kansas does not use PeopleSoft to track and manage employee skills and accomplishments.

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