Most of the Training tables are now under the heading of Enterprise Learning and only their navigation is different. 

1. Student Training is now called Enroll in Course.
2. The word "Table" has been removed from many pages (ie. School Table is now Schools, Training Facility Table is now Training Facilities).

Here is your map from 8.0 to 8.9.

8.0 Location:

Develop Workforce> Administer Training

8.0 Table/Page: 8.9 Location:

Enterprise Learning> 

8.9 Table/Page:
    Define Training Resources  
>Setup> Training Facility Table > Training Facilities
>Setup> Equipment and Materials > Equipment and Materials
>Setup> Instructor Table > Instructors
>Setup> Vendor Table > Vendors
>Setup> Vendors Contacts Table > Vendor Contacts
    Define Course/Cost Details  
>Setup> Course Table > Courses
>Setup> Course Session Table > Course Sessions
>Setup> Training Program Table  >Program Information> Training Program Table
    Student Enrollment  
>Use> Course Waiting List  >Create/Update> Course Wait List
>Use> Course Auto Enrollment > Course Session Auto Enrollment
>Use> Course Session Enrollment >Enroll Individually> Course Session Enrollment
>Use> Express Rescheduling >Reschedule Between Sessions> Express Rescheduling
>Use> Student Training > Enroll in Course
    Results Tracking  
>Inquiry> Student Training Summary > Review Training Summary
    > Review Session Summary
    Training Reports  
>Reports> Student Training History (TRN020) > Student Training History (TRN020)
>Reports> Training Facility Schedules (TRN005) > Training Facility Schedules (TRN005)
>Reports> Training Instructor Schedules (TRN033) > Training Instructor Schedules (TRN033)
>Reports> Equipment Checklist (TRN034) > Equipment Checklist (TRN034)
    Course Reports  
>Reports> Attendance Status (TRN018) > Attendance Status (TRN018)
>Reports> Course Description (TRN023) > Course Description (TRN023)
>Reports> Course Waiting List (TRN003) > Course Waiting List (TRN003)
>Reports> Course Session Roster (TRN002) > Course Session Roster (TRN002)
>Reports> Prerequisite Courses (TRN027) > Prerequisite Courses (TRN027)
>Reports> Course Equipment (TRN025) > Course Equipment (TRN025)
>Reports> Course Vendors (TRN026) > Course Vendors (TRN026)
    Set Up HRMS> Common Definitions  
>Setup> School Table >School Information> Schools
Administer Workforce> Administer Workforce>   Workforce Administration>Workforce Reports  
>Reports> Supervisors Without Supervisory Training (KPER219) > Supervisors Without Supervisory Training (KPER219)
>Reports> Supervisors Needing Continuing Education Training (KPER247) > Supervisors Needing Continuing Education Training (KPER247)
>Reports> Employees Needing Orientation (KPER202) > Employees Needing Orientation (KPER202)


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