The reports listed below can be generated in Enterprise Learning by agency users.

Enterprise Learning> Training Reports
blue bullet Student Training History (TRN020)
blue bullet Training Facility Schedules (TRN005)
blue bullet Training Instructor Schedules (TRN033)
blue bullet Equipment Checklist (TRN034)

Enterprise Learning> Course Reports
blue bullet Attendance Status (TRN018)
blue bullet Course Description (TRN023)
blue bullet Course Waiting List (TRN003)
blue bullet Course Session Roster (TRN002)
blue bullet Prerequisite Courses (TRN027)
blue bullet Course Equipment (TRN025)
blue bullet Course Vendors (TRN026)

Workforce Administration> Workforce Reports 
blue bullet Supervisors Without Supervisory Training (KPER219)
blue bullet Supervisors Needing Continuing Education Training (KPER247)
blue bullet Employees Needing Orientation (KPER202)

Information about these reports can be found on the SHARP Customer Service website:

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