Update Log


Date Page Change Book
08/12/2013 Lesson 8: Supplementals (various pages) For supplementals that also require a reversal of the original check, revise procedures to process the reversal first, then request the supplemental in the next off-cycle. Payroll
08/12/2013 Requesting a Paycheck Reversal or Adjustment - 6 Replace the screen print and narrative instructing users to select "Reverse and Generate New Row" for Payable Time Reversal Type when processing a reversal. Payroll
08/12/2013 Paycheck Adjustments Overview - 3 Change the end of the 1st paragraph from "...will show on-line as payroll error messages." to "...will show on the PAY011 as payroll erroe messages." Payroll
06/07/2013 Reports, Forms, and Resources Added INF46 submission email address - TLload@da.ks.gov Payroll, Payroll Commitment Accounting
06/06/2013 Centrally Entered Adjustments - 1, Reports, Forms, and Resources Change DA-180 submission email to PayAdj@da.ks.gov Payroll
06/06/2013 Payroll Reports Change KPAYGL6C user agency from SRS to Dept. on Aging. Payroll
06/06/2013 KPAYGL5C/6C report description Added the availability of pivot table and its request contact in KPAYGL5Cor6C report description. Payroll, Payroll Commitment Accounting