SHARP CBT Test - TL372: Time and Labor for Human Resource Administrators

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Test Questions

Select the letter of your choice.

1. A Time Reporting Code (TRC) can be set up to accept both dollars and hours.  True or False?


2. The set of rules that govern the use of time reporting codes.

TRC Category
TRC Program

3. The Clean Up Exceptions button will clear exception notices once you have correctly updated the reported time. True or False?


4. Which of the following fields is not shown in the Reported Time Audit History page?

Audit Action
Audit User ID
Audit Date and Time Stamp
Previous Audit Reported Time

5. Pre-set rules in Time Administration are based on federal, state, and agency-level policies about how time worked is reported and processed.  True or False?


6. Time administration must be run again, if there are exceptions (errors) in reported time, until the exceptions are resolved.  True or False?


7. If the Time Reporting Template is “SOKBASIC” then the Taskgroup field is “SOKNONTASK” or "Agency Code + NONTASK".   True or False?


8. Which of the following time reporting codes are shared by Exempt and Non-exempt employees?

SCK - Sick Leave
VAC - Vacation Leave
SHL - Shared Leave
All of the Above

9. Time and Labor reports are accessed through which SMART menu link?

Manager Self Service
Time and Leave
Time and Labor

10. The HR Administrator is the only role that have access to the Time and Labor reports.  True or False?


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