SHARP CBT Test - TL373: Time and Labor Finance Maintenance

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Test Questions

Select the letter of your choice.

1. A Time Reporting Code (TRC) can be set up to accept both dollars and hours.  True or False?


2. The set of rules that govern the use of time reporting codes.

TRC Category
TRC Program

3. A Taskgroup is a group of time reporters who share identical time reporting requirements. True or False?


4. Reported Time can be entered in which of the following ways?

Timekeepers enter time in Time and Labor
Employee enters time using Employee Self Service
Time is interfaced from an agency timekeeping system
All of the above

5. Pre-set rules in Time Administration are based on federal, state, and agency-level policies about how time worked is reported and processed.  True or False?


6. Time administration must be run again, if there are exceptions (errors) in reported time, until the exceptions are resolved.  True or False?


7. In order to create and update combo codes, agencies must submit a file to Division of Accounts and Reports for upload.   True or False?


8. Creating and maintaining task profiles is accessed through which SHARP menu link?

Manager Self Service
Time and Leave

9. When creating a task profile to take effect for the next pay period the effective date should be:

After the first day of the pay period
Earlier or equal to the first day of the pay period for which it takes effect
Left blank and SMART will auto populate on the first day of the pay period

10. If reported time is recorded to the wrong task profile in a previous time period you can adjust the task information, without the contacting the Human Resource Office, as long as the adjustment does not change the employee’s pay amount.  True or False?


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