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SHARP Message #704






12-16-07 Open Enrollment (OEB) Row in Job Data

Message Text:


Open Enrollment elections are currently processing in SHARP for state employees for the 2008 plan year. A Job Data row dated 12-16-07 is being added to benefits eligible employees whose salary tier level changed in 2007 and affected their Benefits Program eligibility. An employee’s salary tier may have changed due to pay rate changes during 2007. As a reminder benefit program salary tiers are as follows: FT 1 = less than $27,000; FT 2 = $27,000 - $47,000; FT 3 = over $47,000.

In addition, a Job Data row is also being added for employees who are currently enrolled in HealthyKids benefit program codes. These employees have to reapply each year (since their circumstances may have changed) and those who are approved will be loaded back into HealthyKids benefit codes.

An effective dated row of December 16, 2007, with an action/reason code of DTA/OEB (Data Change/Open Enrollment-Ben Prgm Chng) will be added to the job data of affected employees. Also, the Elig Config 2 field will change to reflect the new Benefit Program assignment for the 2008 plan year. These rows are in the process of being added.

Please note that a new row will be added to the Benefit Program Participation page with the new Benefit Program code for affected employees later in the month. The effective date of this row will also be December 16, 2007.

Any effective dated changes made to the Position Data of affected employees dated prior to December 16, 2007, should automatically update this 12-16-07 open enrollment row. However, you should verify this after entering the position change.

If an agency needs to make a job data change to one of these employees prior to the 12-16-07 row, please send your request to sharp@da.ks.gov . It is important that the information on this data row is accurate and reflects any prior job data changes.