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SHARP December 14 Bonus Payment Information

Message Text:


SHARP December 14 Bonus Payment Information

The following information is being provided to help clarify questions we have received regarding the implementation of the December 14th Bonus payment in SHARP.

Employee Reviews

Classified regular employees whose most recent performance review rating is at least satisfactory are eligible. There is no requirement that the rating occur within 12 months of the date of the bonus. Therefore, an employee is eligible even if the most recent review rating was for a previous position and is at least satisfactory.

-The most recent review rating with a ‘To Date’ of November 17, 2007 or earlier will be used to determine eligibility.

-In order for employees who have not had a review to receive the bonus, agencies may enter a Review Type of ‘Class Spec’ with a satisfactory rating. The ‘To Date’ must be 11-17-07 or earlier. We recommend you state in the Comment section that the purpose of the review is for the sole purpose of receiving the 12/14/07 bonus.

-Review ratings must be entered into SHARP no later than November 30, 2007, in order for employees to automatically receive the bonus.

Employee Movement Between Agencies

The agency in which an employee is active on 11/18/07, the beginning of the pay period, is responsible for paying the bonus. For example, in the case of an employee who works Monday – Friday, if the employee moves to your agency to start work on Monday the 19th the appointment should be entered effective Sunday, 11/18/07. This is the first day of the pay period and your agency would be responsible for payment of the bonus. Since the employee works Monday-Friday, the former agency would not be creating a timesheet for Sunday unless the employee actually works on Sunday for the former agency.

If, however, the employee works the 18th or any other part of the pay period at another agency before they start work for you then the former agency would be responsible for payment of the bonus.

Employees on Leave (Military or Medical)

Employees who are military leave or extended medical leave are eligible for the bonus and must be temporarily returned to active status.

-Enter a return from leave of absence in Job Data for one day with an effective date that occurs during the November 18 to December 1, 2007 pay period. Enter the return in SHARP prior to December 2, 2007 (Job Data Action: Return from Leave / Reason: Return from Leave). Then return employees to a leave of absence effective one day greater than the date of their return from leave (Job Data Action: Leave of Absence / Reason: Military Leave or Other).

-It is not necessary to update steps or pay changes if the temporary return from leave is solely for bonus purposes. In addition, there is no requirement that the employee being returned from military leave or medical leave use paid leave or receive any other type of compensation during this pay period in order to be eligible for the payment.

-There is not a requirement that the employee be paid for an entire day to be eligible for the bonus payment. For example, employees who are in pay status for a limited amount of time, (paid leave, or hours worked, are less than 8 hours) are eligible to receive the bonus payment.”


The bonus will default, for eligible employees, into the 11/18/2007 – 12/01/2007 timesheet as earnings code BOL (Bonus-Legislature Authorized). The amount will be no greater than $860.00. A prorated amount will default for those employees whose Full Time Equivalency (FTE) is less than 1.0. In addition, if an employee is active on more than one position and both positions are eligible for the bonus, each timesheet will display the BOL code and a portion of the $860.00.

In addition, for those employees who recorded Overtime (OTP) from 06/17/2007 - 11/17/2007, earnings code BSO (OT-Differential Pay 12/14/2007) will default into the 11/18/2007 – 12/01/2007 timesheet. If your employee did not work any overtime during the 06/17/2007 – 11/17/2007 timeframe, the BSO earnings code will not default. NOTE: Recording Compensatory Time Earned (CME) does not factor into to the BSO earnings.

The BOL and any applicable BSO earnings are scheduled to default into timesheets during the evening of December 2, 2007.

See Accounts and Reports Informational Circular Number 08-P-013 at http://www.da.ks.gov/ar/infocirc/fy2008/IC08p013.htm for additional information regarding the new Earnings Codes.