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SHARP Message #709






First Pre-Calc is Monday, 12/31/07

Message Text:


First Pre-Calc is Monday, 12/31/07

As was identified in the Accounts and Reports (A&R) Information Circular 08-P-015, Monday, 12/31/07 is the first preliminary pay calculation for the 12/16/07 – 12/29/07 pay period.

All Job and Position Data transactions that affect the 12/16/07 – 12/29/07 payroll period must be entered in SHARP by 6PM Monday, 12/31/07.

All time and leave entry should be entered by 6PM Monday, 12/31/07 as well, to take advantage of the first preliminary pay calculation. Time and leave should be entered on Monday for any terminations or retirements so that leave payouts are calculated correctly during the Monday night batch processing. However, please note that additional time and leave entry may continue to be entered until 6PM Friday, 01/04/08. The Timesheet’s OK to Process must be clicked on by 6PM Friday 01/04/08 for the employee to receive an on-cycle check.

Monday, 12/31/07 is also an off-cycle night when pay affecting adjustments and supplementals need to be entered by 6PM.

Please review Information Circular 08-P-015 (www.da.ks.gov/ar/infocirc/fy2008/IC08p015.htm ) including the calendar attachment (www.da.ks.gov/ar/infocirc/fy2008/08-P-015ATT.htm ) for additional information. You may sign up for A&R’s Information Circulars at www.da.ks.gov/gov/listserv.htm .