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SHARP Message #715






Employee Phone and Email Updates

Message Text:


The Online Communication Directory located at http://www.da.ks.gov/phonebook/ uses employee telephone numbers that are stored in SHARP Personal Information pages. The White Pages directory located at http://www.da.ks.gov/whitepages/ also displays employee email addresses that are stored in the same SHARP Personal Information pages. As a reminder, these directories get updated every two weeks on Sunday night. Please see SHARP Infolist Message #632 for details about the directories.

Please remember to update the telephone numbers and email addresses of your agency employees as they are hired, rehired, transferred, promoted or any other action that changes their telephone number or email address. For example, if an employee transfers to your agency from a different agency you need to delete the telephone number and email address from their previous agency and add the phone number and email address for your agency. Only phone numbers and email addresses that have your agency name in the type field will display in the directory.

Also, SHARP automatically formats the telephone number. For example, when you enter the telephone number as 7852961111234, SHARP formats it to 785/296-1111 Ext.234 when you tab out of the field. Be sure to verify that the number displays correctly after tabbing out of the field.

Please contact Patti Pearce at 785/296-7232 or patti.pearce@da.ks.gov if you have any questions.