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New S15 ($0.50 Differential) Work Schedules; ST7, KOE, KOS Earnings Codes; FLSA Holiday Credit

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Update 6/2/08: SHARP Message 725

Revision/Clarification 5/27/08: SHARP Message 723

New S15 ($0.50 Differential) Work Schedules: The KOSE MOA is expected to become effective on Sunday, May 18, 2008. As a result, the Department of Administration, Division of Personnel Services, has added new work schedules that will default the new S15 earnings code. The S15 earnings code represents the $0.50 differential for those eligible positions covered by KOSE. The SF1 ($0.30 differential) earnings code is still effective for all other eligible employees not covered by KOSE.

Below is a chart displaying work schedules of KOSE covered employees that currently default the SF1 earnings code ($0.30 differential) along with the corresponding new work schedules that will default the S15 ($0.50 differential) earnings code.

In order for the new S15 code to default for the 05/18/08 – 05/31/08 SHARP timesheets, you should add a new row in Position Data (prior to Monday, 05/19/08), with an Effective Date of 05/18/08. Enter Action “UPD – Position Data Update.” Click on the Kansas Information folder tab and enter the new work schedule based on the chart listed below. Note: We suggest you wait to enter the Position Data row for unclassified regular KOSE covered positions until after you have completed the unclassified merit increase process as those employees could be omitted from the process.

You may access spreadsheets of the new work schedules and existing work schedules on the SHARP Documents page: www.da.ks.gov/sharp/documents/. If you don’t see a work schedule you need, please send a request to brent.smith@da.ks.gov.

ST7 Earnings Code: In addition, the $2.00 Standby for eligible KOSE covered positions is anticipated to be effective 05/18/08 as well. The new earnings code for the $2.00 Standby is ST7. The ST1 ($1.00 Standby) earnings code is still effective for all other eligible employees not covered by KOSE.

KOE, KOS Earnings Codes: Two other earnings codes have also been added to SHARP effective 05/18/2008: KOE (Leave-Union Business-Exempt) and KOS (Leave-Union Business). Union representatives will be allowed time off with pay consistent with the operational needs of the employer for Union business such as state or area-wide committee meetings or state or International conventions, and training activities provided the employee provides reasonable notices to his or her supervisor of such absence. Time may be used in one hour increments. The usage of these two codes is limited to 800 hours statewide per year. See Accounts and Reports Information Circular 08-P-032 www.da.ks.gov/ar/infocirc/ for more information on all of these new earnings codes. You may also reference the Labor Relations website at http://www.da.ks.gov/ps/subject/labor/laborrelations.htm for additional information including the KOSE MOA.

FLSA Holiday Credit: Please note that beginning with the Memorial Day Holiday (05/26/08), eligible KOSE covered employees are entitled to holiday credit that counts toward the FLSA threshold.

SHARP is coded to default the HDC (Holiday Credit Paid 1.0) earnings code on Holidays for non-exempt employees attached to a Holiday Schedule, other than PSTV. For holidays, agencies will need to change the HDC earnings code that defaults into eligible KOSE covered employees’ timesheets to one of the existing FLSA Holiday Credit earnings codes (HOO [Paid, Scheduled Work Day]; HOC [Banked, Holiday Comp Time Balance]; HON [Paid, Scheduled Day Off]). This means the holiday credit earnings code will help the non-exempt employee reach the 40 hour FLSA overtime requirement sooner. On the electronic timesheet, the hours associated with the FLSA Holiday Credit Earnings codes (HOO, HOC, HON) will count toward the FLSA figure. For example, if you record 32 REG Tues – Fri and 8 HOO Mon, then any additional hours worked on Sat, for example, will be recorded as Overtime (OTP) or Compensatory Time Earned (CME).

For information on these earnings codes, refer to the Earnings Code list located on the Documents page of SHARP Customer Service www.da.ks.gov/sharp/documents/.

Current Work Sched (SF1 code) / New Work Schedule (S15 code)
0FM2 0FM4
0FM3 0FM5
0MR2 0MR6
0NW2 0NW5
0TF2 0TF6
0TF4 0TF7
0WS2 0WS4
4MF2 4MF4
5MF2 5MF7
8FT2 8FT4
8NR2 8NR6
8RM2 8RM4
8SW2 8SW3
8TS2 8TS7
8TS6 8TS8
8WN2 8WN5
AG15 AG17
IR32 IR68
IR42 IR69
IR43 IR70