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SHARP Message #736






New KOSE Holiday Schedule Values Added

Message Text:


In an effort to lessen the effort of changing holiday credit earnings codes on timesheets and time documents for eligible KOSE covered employees, we have added new holiday schedules that will default the HOO earnings code (Holiday Credit-Paid1.0-FLSA) and hours for every observed State holiday for employees attached to one of the new holiday schedules. NOTE: The HOO earnings code will default instead of the HDC earnings code.

The new Holiday Schedules are:

MO04: MOA FLSA Holiday 4 Hrs (4 hours HOO will default for each observed State holiday)

MO06: MOA FLSA Holiday 6 Hrs (6 hours HOO will default for each observed State holiday)

MO08: MOA FLSA Holiday 8 Hrs (8 hours HOO will default for each observed State holiday)

MO10: MOA FLSA Holiday 10 Hrs (10 hours HOO will default for each observed State holiday)

MO12: MOA FLSA Holiday 12 Hrs (12 hours HOO will default for each observed State holiday)

If you choose to attach your eligible KOSE covered employees to one of the new holiday schedules, follow these steps:

  1. Access the employee’s Job Data (Navigation: Workforce Administration>Job Information>Job Data); enter the Employee ID and click on Search.
  2. Add a new row while on the Work Location page.
  3. Enter an effective date (example: 07/27/08).
  4. Choose Action “Data Change.”
  5. Choose Reason “Status Change.”
  6. Click on the Payroll folder tab.
  7. Click on the magnifying glass next to the Holiday Schedule field and click on an appropriate Holiday Schedule.
  8. Save.

We are providing the following information to assist you in determining when to enter the traditional type holiday credit earnings codes, such as HDC (or HCC, HCN) versus the HOO (or HOC, HON) Holiday Credit FLSA earnings codes for eligible KOSE covered non-exempt employees:

HDC*: Employee did work on the holiday and the hours worked are equal to or exceed the hours of holiday credit. Example: Holiday Credit is 8 and employee worked 8 hours on the holiday: Enter 8 hours HDC, HCC or HCN.

HOO*: Employee did not work on the holiday. Example: Zero hours worked on the holiday and employee is eligible for 8 hours holiday credit. Enter 8 hours HOO, HOC or HON.

*NOTE: If employee worked on the holiday, but the hours worked are less than the holiday credit, then both types of Holiday Credit earnings codes are used. The employee should receive one of the traditional Holiday Credit earnings codes (HDC, HCC, HCN) equal to the hours worked on the holiday. Record the remaining holiday credit hours using HOO (or HOC, HON). Example: Holiday Credit is 8 hours. Employee worked 6 hours. Record 6 hours HDC (or HCC, HCN) and 2 hours HOO (or HOC, HON).

As a reminder, eligible KOSE covered employees do not include:

  1. Temporary employees (designated in SHARP on Position Data (Description page))
  2. Employees who are confidential (designated in SHARP on Position Data (Specific Information page))
  3. Employees who are supervisory (designated in SHARP on Position Data (Kansas Information page))
  4. Employees on original probation (designated in SHARP on Job Data (Kansas Information page))

Additional Labor Relations information is located at www.da.ks.gov/ps/subject/labor/laborrelations.htm

If you have any questions about the above information, you may contact Brent Smith at 785-296-1432 or brent.smith@da.ks.gov.