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SHARP Message #737






New Earnings Codes: Kansas Mentors Program (KMP / KME)

Message Text:


Governor Sebelius signed Executive Order No. 08-10 http://www.governor.ks.gov/executive/Orders/exec_order0810.htm that authorizes up to 90 minutes (1.5 hours, which includes travel time) every two weeks for mentoring through a Kansas Mentors Gold Star partner for approved full-time, classified and unclassified employees in the Executive Branch.

The earnings codes associated with the Kansas Mentors Program are:

  • KMP (Kansas Mentors Program)- Enter in .25 increments up to 1.5 hrs every pay period.
  • KME (Kansas Mentors Program–Exempt) - Enter in .25 increments up to 1.5 hrs every pay period.

NOTE: Time associated with KMP counts toward leave accrual and counts as hours worked for FLSA purposes. Time associated with KME also counts toward leave accrual.

For an updated Earnings Code list, go to the Documents page of the SHARP Customer Service website (www.da.ks.gov/sharp/documents) and click on the Earnings Code List hyperlink.

Payroll information covering this program will be posted at the Department of Administration, Division of Accounts and Reports’ Information Circular website (www.da.ks.gov/ar/infocirc) under the Payroll Circulars section.

For additional requirements, go to the Department of Administration, Division of Personnel Services’ (DPS) Bulletin website (www.da.ks.gov/ps/documents/bulletins) and click on the “Implementation Guidelines for Participation in the Kansas Mentors Program” hyperlink (Bulletin 08-03).

NOTE: A State Employee Mentoring Request form will be placed under the Bulletin link in the near future.

If you have questions, you may contact Brent Smith at brent.smith@da.ks.gov.