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SHARP Message #739






New Employment Status Field Value Added: Original Probation

Message Text:


Changes to the Employment Status field in Job Data on the Kansas Information page, which displays employee probationary status, will allow users to distinguish between ‘Original Probation’ and ‘Promotional Probation’ on rows dated 7-1-2008 or later. The new values will be available in SHARP after noon on Friday, Sept. 5, 2008.

  • ‘O’ (Original Probation) was added

  • ‘B’ (Probationary) changed to ‘Promotional Probation’

The description of ‘Probationary’ will continue to display next to the Employment Status value of ‘B’ for employees currently on probation until a row dated 7-1-08 or later is added to their Job Data. The description will then change to ‘Promotional Probation’. You will need to change the field to Original Probation as appropriate. The Division of Personnel Services is still working with the Division of Information Systems and Communications to determine if a batch update can be done to update the probationary status for employees who are currently on Original Probation. We will let you know as soon as we determine if that is possible.

The probationary status is automatically defaulted into the Employment Status field based on the action/reason code combination that is entered on Job Data. The chart below shows the probationary status value that will default for actions/reasons used in Job Data. *Please note that as you add Job Data rows you may need to change the default in the Employment Status field based on the employee’s data. Refer to K.A.R. 1-7-3 www.da.ks.gov/ps/documents/regs/art-7.htm#1-7-3 and K.A.R. 1-7-4 www.da.ks.gov/ps/documents/regs/art-7.htm#1-7-4 for details on probationary periods.

Also, it was necessary to add the new reason code of Unclassified to Classified (UTC) for employees who promote, demote, or transfer from an unclassified to a classified position to get the correct probationary status to default. The Employment Status will default to ‘Original Probation’ when this reason is used.

NOTE: It is very important to use the right Action/Reason code on the Job Data Work Location page so the correct probationary status will default.

Action Reason Default Empl Status Field Value
  • Concurrent (Multiple) Position
  • Hire Higher Step – Excep Qual
  • Higher Step (KAR1-5-8(b)(2))
  • Vacant Position
O (Original Probation)
  • Concurrent (Multiple) Position
  • Higher Step (KAR1-5-8(b)(2))
  • Higher Step Reinst-Excep Qual
  • Higher Step Rehire-Excep Qual
  • Rehire
  • Reinstatement
O (Original Probation)
  • Reemployment
  • Higher Step Reemployment-Excep Qual
*Change from ‘O’ to ‘P’ (Permanent) since employee has permanent status effective on date of rehire
  • Employee Request
  • Employer Request
  • Employer Request w In-Grade Pay Increase
  • Higher Step (KAR 1-5-14)
  • In Lieu of Layoff
Defaults value from previous row
  • Unclassified to Classified
O (Original Probation)
  • Higher Step (KAR1-5-8(b)(2))
  • Promote Higher Step-Excep Qual
  • Promotion New Position/Class
B (Promotional Probation)
  • From Training Class
*Change from ‘B’ to ‘O’ (Original Probation)
  • Unclassified to Classified
O (Original Probation)
  • Involuntary
  • In Lieu of Layoff
  • Unsatisfactory Performance
  • Voluntary
Defaults value from previous row
  • Unclassified to Classified
O (Original Probation)

Please contact Patti Pearce at patti.pearce@da.ks.gov or 785/296-7232 if you have questions.