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SHARP Message #749






Discretionary Day Reminder - Self Service Message // December 26th Holiday

Message Text:


The Discretionary Day countdown message will be posted on the Important Notices section of the State Employee Services page www.kansas.gov/employee/ within the next several days.

If you have any questions about the message, you may contact Brent Smith, Department of Administration, Division of Personnel Services at brent.smith@da.ks.gov.

Please also note that the Holiday Schedule tables in SHARP are being updated to include the 12/26/2008 holiday that Governor Sebelius declared for this year, so that if your employees are attached to a holiday schedule other than PSTV, the holiday credit code and hours will default into the 12/14/08-12/27/08 timesheets for the Friday, 12/26/2008 holiday.

Following is a copy of the Self Service Discretionary Day message:
”XX days left to use your 2008 Discretionary Day!* more…

*For eligible employees whose last workday of a week is Friday, the last day to use the 2008 Discretionary Day is Wednesday, December 24, 2008 (Thursday and Friday December 25th and 26th are holidays this year). For employees whose last workday of a week is Saturday, the last day to use the 2008 Discretionary Day is Saturday, December 27, 2008. Please check with your supervisor when scheduling your discretionary day.

You can determine if you still have an available Discretionary Day by looking on the View Leave Balances page in the Employee Self Service Center located at www.kansas.gov/employee/ (click on the Self Service icon located in the Featured Sites area). If you see the words “Discretionary Holiday” on your View Leave Balances page, you still have a Discretionary Day available (Non-Regent employees).

A complete list of Executive Branch Holidays, including Discretionary Day usage dates, is located at www.da.ks.gov/ps/subject/holiday.htm (Note: Multiple years are listed).

Check with your agency Human Resource Office if you have questions.”