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Pay Changes Effective June 14, 2009

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Read the update: Update on June 14, 2009 Pay Changes (7/7/09)

Executive Directive 09-398 was signed this morning with an effective date of June 14, 2009. The following pay actions will occur for positions and/or employees on the Classified Pay Plan.

Minimum Wage

Due to federal changes to the minimum wage, pay grades 005 and 006 are removed from the Classified Pay Plan effective June 14, 2009. Job Classes on grade 005 (Seasonal Worker and Foster Grandparent (State)) will move to grade 007; those on grade 006 (Seasonal Worker Senior and Lifeguard) will move to grade 008. Employees whose current hourly rate is below step 4 of the new grade will move to the new step 4. All others will move to a new step whose hourly rate is the same as the hourly rate on their current grade (in other words, with no increase).

Pay Changes For Market Adjustments

The Legislature authorized pay grade changes and/or step increases for specified job classes in the classified service effective June 14, 2009. The increases are implemented through pay grade change and step increase(s); pay grade change and employee moves step-to-step; or step increase(s) only with no grade change. The details are listed in the Executive Directive located at http://www.da.ks.gov/ps/subject/arc/executivedirectives/2009/09-398.pdf

The Divisions of Personnel Services and Information Systems and Communication will insert 6-14-2009 rows into SHARP position and/or job data to implement the changes. The batch process to implement the changes is scheduled to begin this afternoon. Since these changes are retroactive to June 14, 2009, DPS staff will also be manually updating many of the positions and/or employees for the next few days.

However, agencies will need to manually calculate the amount an employee should have received during the pay period ending June 27, 2009. Use the ‘PRA’ earnings code to enter the flat dollar amount of the difference due to the employee. ‘PRA’ should be entered on the timesheet (path: Administer Workforce/Time and Leave/Use/Employee). It is recommended that this amount be added to the timesheets for the on-cycle pay period that ends July 11, 2009.

This update will not include Regents Institutions. These agencies will process their own employees.

Please contact Patti Pearce at 785-296-7232 or at patti.pearce@da.ks.gov if you have questions.