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SHARP Message #773






Change for processing Gift Card ‘FBN’ earnings in SHARP

Message Text:


See the Correction message sent out 8/11/09.

A new process for loading the Gift Card ‘FBN’ earnings will be implemented beginning Monday, August 10, 2009. The ‘FBN’ earnings will no longer be loaded to the employee Time and Leave records. Instead, the ‘FBN’ earnings will be loaded directly to the employee paysheets for payroll processing. As a result of this change, agencies will no longer see the Gift Card ‘FBN’ earnings for their employees in Time and Leave. The ‘FBN’ earnings can be viewed on the employees paycheck beginning Wednesday morning following the first preliminary calc. However, agencies will continue to receive the KTECKHPA report in their agency mailbox on the MVS, available on Tuesday morning, which lists all employees in the agency who had ‘FBN’ earnings added to their paysheet for the biweekly pay period being processed. The first pay period to be processed with this change is July 26,2009 to August 8, 2009 paid August 21, 2009. Please note that for future paycheck reversal adjustments, the ‘FBN’ earnings will automatically be included on the adjustment check if it was included on the original check. No entry in Time and Leave will be required.