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SHARP Message #791






Inclement Weather Declared - Shawnee County 12/24/09

Message Text:


Inclement Weather Declared - Shawnee County 12/24/09

Governor Mark Parkinson has declared Inclement Weather from 2:00 PM Thursday, 12/24/2009 through 11:59 PM Thursday, 12/24/2009 for benefits eligible non-essential State of Kansas Executive Branch employees, who work in Shawnee County.

A reassessment of the weather conditions will be made at a later time to determine if this declaration will be extended. Listen to local radio and television for additional information.

Agency appointing authorities are encouraged to use their discretion to determine whether to allow employees to leave in advance of the Declaration of Inclement Weather. Please advise employees to drive carefully, as road conditions are worsening.

Note: This declaration does not include employees in the Board of Regents, Regents Institutions, the Judicial Branch, nor the Legislative Branch of Government. Their designated representative will make a separate declaration for those employees if appropriate.

Appointing authorities in offices located outside Shawnee County have the option to declare Inclement Weather for those counties.

In the event of a Declaration of Inclement Weather, state government closes for non-essential state employees during the period of Inclement Weather. Benefits eligible non-essential employees who are scheduled to work shall be placed on Inclement Weather Leave.

The following information addresses how the Inclement Weather Policy relates to SHARP Time and Leave.

Record leave for benefits eligible non-essential employees who are scheduled to report to work while the Inclement Weather Policy is invoked with IWN (Inclement Weather - Non-exempt) or IWE (Inclement Weather - Exempt). Both non-exempt and exempt employees record this leave in .25 increments. Classified temporary employees do not receive Inclement Weather pay.

Employees who work during the period of Declared Inclement Weather shall record hours worked as they normally would had there not been a Declaration of Inclement Weather.

Employees who received prior approval for authorized leave during the period covered by the Declaration of Inclement Weather shall record the leave they originally requested (such as sick or vacation leave) instead of IWN or IWE.

A copy of the Inclement Weather Policy may be viewed at the SHARP Customer Service website: http://da.ks.gov/ps/documents/UpdatedInclementWeather.pdf