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SHARP Message #804






Payroll Processing for 2010 Gift Cards

Message Text:


Kansas Health Policy Authority (KHPA) HealthQuest has again implemented a program for plan year 2010 that includes the incentive of a $50 Gift Card for completing the HealthQuest Personal Health Assessment (PHA). As a reminder, the Gift Card Award is a taxable fringe benefit to the plan participant for the total of all gift cards selected by or for the plan participant and their eligible dependent(s). For State employees and their eligible dependents, the taxes on the fringe benefit income will be deducted from the participating employee’s paycheck based on the issue date of the employee e-mail and/or notification letter which provides the information for gift card redemption. Fringe Benefit Income is added to, and reported in, gross wages on the W-2.

The ‘FBN’ earnings for the gift cards will be loaded directly to the employee paysheets for payroll processing. The ‘FBN’ earnings can be viewed on the employees paycheck beginning Wednesday morning following the first preliminary calc. In addition, agencies will continue to receive the KTECKHPA report in their agency mailbox on the MVS, also available on Wednesday morning following the first preliminary calc, which lists all employees in the agency who had ‘FBN’ earnings added to their paysheet for the biweekly pay period being processed. The first pay period for plan year 2010 gift cards to be processed in payroll is the pay period May 2, 2010 to May 15, 2010 paid May 28, 2010.