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SHARP Message #813






FBN rows for Gift Cards Removed from 6/12/10 PPED Paysheets

Message Text:


KHPA has determined that there is an issue with the gift card file.  As a result, KHPA has requested that the gift card file for PPED 6/12/10 NOT be processed in Payroll.  The KTECKHPA report that was run on 6/14/10 for this file should be discarded and not used by agencies.  The ‘FBN’ rows that were previously loaded to the paysheets for the 6/12/10 PPED have been backed out and will not be included on paychecks for the 6/25/10 check date.  Payroll services has requested that KHPA work with Alere to identify the employees in issue and provide corrected files in a subsequent pay period that will include new employees who should have received FBN income for the 6/12/10 PPED as well as corrections to remove duplicate charges for employees who were incorrectly included on both of the first two files that were provided for processing.