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SHARP Message #823






Combocode File Submission Procedures and Deadlines

Message Text:


Agencies wishing to request additional combocode values in SHARP must submit all combocode values via the combocode Excel spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet must pass a set of chartfield validation edits prior to being approved to be loaded into SHARP.  In order to provide adequate time for the validation/correction/re-submission/loading of the spreadsheet values to occur, agencies are asked to submit any combocode spreadsheets for validation no later than 11am daily. 

All original (first-time submission) files received by 11am Monday – Friday will be edited and loaded that day if possible.  Staff will work with agencies to resolve any errors related to the file and will accept re-submissions that include necessary corrections for processing that day if possible. 

Original (first-time submission) files submitted after 11am Monday – Friday will be edited/processed the following business day. 

Files should be generated using the combocode Excel spreadsheet and submitted as an attachment via e-mail to both Heather.Debusk@da.ks.gov and Cindy.Lo@da.ks.gov using a Subject line of Agy # ComboCode Load for MM/DD/YY.