Kansas Department of Administration, Office of General Services
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About the Office of General Services



The Administrative Services Section consists of two operational teams: the Customer Services Team and the Management and Municipal Services Team. The section provides training and assistance to state agency personnel and to state municipality personnel in matters related to financial administration and requirements; seeks out, and acts on opportunities for improvement (both internally and externally); is responsible for the integrity of the central accounting system (STARS); is responsible for the statewide federal Cash Management Improvement Act; and is responsible for the Treasurer's reconciliation. The section operates in a diverse and complex multi-agency environment with frequently changing conditions. Requirements of the system are impacted by changes in state and federal legislation and policies, by reporting requirements of system users and by identification of opportunities for improvement.

Administrative Services Section staff provide counseling and assistance to users of the central accounting and payroll systems, municipal government personnel, vendors of the State of Kansas, and the general public.  


The Administrative Services Section is organized into two operational teams:

Customer Services Team:  The Customer Services Team provides or coordinates training and provides counseling and assistance to state agency personnel in the use of the central accounting system (STARS) and the central payroll system (SHARP) and responds to inquiries from third parties (vendors, general public, etc) concerning State of Kansas financial matters. The team continually seeks out opportunities for improvement to processes, proposes solutions or alternate processes, and implements improved processes upon approval of management. The team also coordinates the maintenance of the STARS system and maintains user access authority and sign-ons for that system. Like all teams in the division, this team is deeply involved in Kansas Quality Management activities. In addition, the team is responsible for the division's internet presence.

Management and Municipal Services Team: The Management and Municipal Services Team provides budget training and other financial related assistance to the municipalities of the State of Kansas. The team is also responsible for reporting under the statewide federal Cash Management Improvement Act. In addition, the team is responsible for document retention and storage for the division and maintains supplies for the division.

Also associated with the Administrative Services Section is:
Central Services Team: The Central Services Team is responsible for the StateWide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP) for the State of Kansas. The SWCAP establishes federal allowable rates for direct billed central services and allocates federal allowable non-billed central service costs to state agencies for inclusion in cost reports or billings that state agencies may submit to federal agencies. The team is also responsible for processing, and reporting on, claims submitted by state agencies under the provisions of K.S.A. 46-925, et. seq. In addition, the team provides fiscal services to the divisions of the Department of Administration and to the offices of the Governor and the Lt. Governor.



Doug Craig
Team Lead, Management & Municipal Services Team
voice: (785) 296-2474
email: Doug.Craig@da.ks.gov 
Pam Fink
Team Lead, Central Services Team
voice: (785) 296-2708
email: Pam.Fink@da.ks.gov