Kansas Department of Administration, Office of General Services
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About the Office of General Services

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Our Mission

The Office of General Services shall provide accounting and reporting services which are accurate, timely, and most importantly, of value to the State of Kansas and its governmental agencies and municipalities. Through continual and proactive external and internal assessment, the Division shall strive to initiate and implement flexible, efficient, value-added processes.


The Office of General Services administers the statewide accounting, accounts receivable setoff and payroll systems; initiates accounting policies and procedures, as well as accounting system modifications and enhancements; provides accounting data and reports, on-going training and customer assistance to state agencies and local units of Kansas government.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Office of General Services is to provide efficient and accurate accounting and reporting services for the State of Kansas and its governmental agencies and municipalities. In pursuit of this goal, the Division plans to work toward the following objectives:

To recognize the changing needs of the Division's customers and employ processes that enable the division to understand and respond to those needs.

To use progressive technology to improve productivity and efficiency as well as provide a skilled, motivated , and proactive work force.

Statutory History

The Office of General Services was established within the Department of Administration in 1953 by KSA 75-3727. The 1972 Legislature repealed the original statute and enacted KSA 75-3727a et. seq.; retaining the duties and responsibilities of the Division, excluding computer data processing. The Division establishes municipal accounting standards and procedures as required by KSA 75-1121 et. seq.

The Office of General Services directs the deduction, payment, and reporting of federal withholding taxes (KSA 75-3038 et. seq.); other employer contributions and employee payroll deductions (KSA 75-5501 et seq.); and collection and accounting for state ad valorem property tax levies (KSA 79-2201 et seq.). It performs miscellaneous responsibilities as required by KSA 10-704 et seq.,75-3052 et seq., and 75-3057 et seq.