Kansas Department of Administration, Office of General Services
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General Accounting

Delegated Audit Authority Program

This program allows agencies with approved internal controls to locally authorize all payments of less than $2000/$5000, with only an annual sample review by Accounts and Reports of these transactions.  Agencies must retain the original signed payment voucher (DA approved) in their files.   The only difference is that instead of sending the hard copy voucher to Audit Services for review and approval, the pre-audit and release functions occur at the agency level.  Also, agencies must be entering vouchers either using electronic datasets or STARS online.

Delegated Audit Authority Program Overview 

What are the agency's responsibilities for delegated authority? 

What are Accounts and Report's responsibilities for delegated authority? 

Delegated Audit Authority Procedures 

What can the agency expect during the annual audit? 

For questions concerning the Delegated Audit Authority Program, contact Randy Kennedy.
(785) 296-2125 Randy.Kennedy@da.ks.go