Kansas Department of Administration, Office of General Services
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General Accounting

STARS Report Documentation

All documents on this web page are provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf). In order to view or print these documents, you will need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (click here for instructions on obtaining Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Financial Reports

Transaction Level Reports

DAFR7680 - Statement of Vouchers Paid
DAFR7710 - Cash Transactions by Fund
DAFR8110 - Treasurer Cash by Fund, Agency, and Batch 000
DAFR8210 - Appropriation Transaction Register
DAFR8220 - Accounts Payable Aging
DAFR8240 - Daily Transaction Registers
DAFR8420 - Daily Warrant Register
DAFR8421 - Daily Warrant Register - Current Document Number Order

Appropriation or Cash Status Reports

DAFR8010 - Appropriation Status
DAFR8020 - Appropriations in Deficit Position
DAFR8101 - Daily Account Balances
DAFR8120 - Cash Control Status

Expenditure Reports

DAFR8280 - Expenditure Status by Organization and Object
DAFR8290 - Expenditures by Budget Unit, Program, and Object
DAFR8360 - Expenditures by Fund, Index, PCA, and Sub-Object
DAFR8790 - Expenditures by Program and Object

Revenue Reports

DAFR7570 - Index Revenue Analysis
DAFR8300 - Revenue Status by Organization
DAFR8310 - Revenue Plan Status by Program

Encumbrance Report

DAFR8070 - Encumbrance Status by Object

General Ledger Reports

DAFR8160 - Trial Balance by Fund
DAFR8170 - Trial Balance by General Ledger Category
DAFR8180 - Trial Balance by Transaction Code 
DAFR8250 - General Ledger Account Analysis

Grant and Project Reports

DAFR7540 - Grant Expenditure Analysis  (currently unavailable)
DAFR7540 - Grant Revenue Analysis  (currently unavailable)
DAFR7660 - Project Expenditure Analysis  (currently unavailable)
DAFR7840 - Project Revenue Analysis  (currently unavailable)
DAFR7850 - Grant Status Report  (currently unavailable)
DAFR8130 - Project Status Report  (currently unavailable)
DAFR8230 - Grant Transaction Analysis  (currently unavailable)
DAFR8260 - Project Transaction Analysis  (currently unavailable)

Table Listings

DAFR6640 - Organization Hierarchy
DAFR6650 - Object Hierarchy
DAFR8500 - Index Code Table Listing
DAFR8540 - Budget Unit Table Listing
DAFR8560 - PCA Table Listing
DAFR8580 - Project Control Table Listing  (currently unavailable)
DAFR8590 - Grant Control Table Listing  (currently unavailable)
DAFR8620 - System Management Table Listing
DAFR8640 - Transaction Code Decision Table
DAFR8740 - General Ledger to Transaction Code Cross Reference
DAFR8750 - Descriptor Table Listing
DAFR8760 - Report Request Table Listing
DAFR8780 - Report Distribution Table Listing