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Interactive Internet Interfunds (SOKI3+)


The State of Kansas Interactive Internet Interfunds (SOKI3+) system allows agencies to process their interfund and certain journal vouchers electronically through the internet without having to physically route paper documents among the agencies and the Division of Accounts and Reports, thus speeding up the process. 

A Primary Contact person is designated, using Form DA-116 Primary Contact Designation, to assume the responsibilities related to the system.  A default group is established for the agency with the primary contact as an agency supervisor and default contact (of the default group/agency). The primary contact can add users and groups to the default group/agency. Other users can also be set up as agency supervisors (there can be more than one agency supervisor.). Once the primary contact sets up other users, the agency default contact can be changed to receive the agency's default e-mails if needed by the primary contact.  If the primary contact person changes at any time, the agency shall immediately submit a new DA-116 form to the Division of Accounts and Reports, Central Accounting Services Section Manager. DA-116 is available at

Agency supervisors can add groups to the agency, add users to any group in the agency, and designate the first group supervisor and default contact for a group.  A group supervisor can add users to the group, designate other users to be group supervisors (there can be more than one group supervisor in a group), and change the default contact for the group.

Agencies should use Form DA-116a, User ID Request and Maintenance, to add, change, or delete a user ID and its authorities (authorities are the level of access and functions assigned to a user's operator ID). Completed form DA-116a's should be maintained in agency files. Form DA-116a is available at

A group may have more than one group supervisor but can have only one default contact. At least one user in the group must have voucher release capability. An agency supervisor or a group supervisor of the group can set up users in that group. To approve/release a document, the agency supervisor or group supervisor must be set up as a user with that authority in the group.

A user can be set up in more than one group. The user may have different authority levels in the various groups based on the user's job responsibility. The actual screen a user sees may vary depending on the level of authority (access) assigned to the user's operator ID.

Either the expenditure or receipt side can initiate an interfund. Either side can change their side of the interfund until it's release by the Accounts and Reports' Audit Services Team. Prior to release by the Accounts and Reports' Audit Services Team, interfunds can be deleted by the receipt side at any time while the expenditure side can only delete interfunds prior to receipt side reciprocation.

When the interfund entry person completes entering the document, he/she can click a link to notify the approver/releaser. As a result, the approver/releaser will receive an e-mail indicating that the document is ready for his/her review. The interfund is available to the reciprocating group/agency after the initiating group/agency releases the document. The release action automatically approves the document and is required. The approve function is an additional internal control feature that is not required by the system. The same approval/release procedures apply to the reciprocating group/agency. After the reciprocating group/agency releases the document, it is then available to the Accounts and Reports' Audit Services Team for approval and release to upload to STARS.  SOKI3+ documents received by the Accounts and Reports' Audit Services Team by noon will be audited and those approved will be released and uploaded to STARS at 3:00 p.m. for processing that evening. The document will no longer appear on the waiting documents list once it's uploaded to STARS.

Various types of Journal Vouchers (JVs) can be processed through SOKI3+. An agency supervisor or a group supervisor can grant JV processing authorities to the agency users as with interfunds. Unlike interfunds where a user's authorities are restricted within a group where the user resides, the JV access is agency-wide. However, the JV authorities for a user can be further restricted to certain types by the agency or group supervisor. 

Certain types of JVs do not require Accounts and Reports approval and will only need to be approved/released by the agency. Two types of JVs will be batched under the agency number and the STARS suspense error correction on these batches will be an agency responsibility. More details on JV types are provided in the Initialize A Manual Journal Voucher section.

Additional information on JV rules, e.g., when is a JV necessary, which transaction code to use, etc., is provided on Informational Circular No. 99-A-015, or Submit a Prior Period Funding Adjustment in SHARP CBT Payroll Book Two, Payroll Accounting, for payroll journal vouchers. 

The SOKI3+ system is located on a server within the State Treasurer's network. The server is behind a firewall and is backed up each weekday evening by the nightly processes currently in use by Treasurer DP staff. In addition, the site operates a 128-bit SSL encryption key verified by VeriSign. All users must be using a browser capable of connections to SSL enabled sites. Anyone residing behind a firewall wishing to connect to the site must allow access through port 443. If your agency has trouble connecting, please call your technical support staff for assistance.

A test system, SOKI3+ Test, identical to SOKI3+ is available to users for practice. To help users identify which system they are in, a red "Test System" will appear at the upper right corner of each page in SOKI3+ Test.

To access SOKI3+ Test or SOKI3+, a user must have: 1) a User Name and Password to access the system. The User Name and Password are provided when the agency is set up by Accounts and Reports. 2) an Operator ID and Password to identify the user to the system. The Operator ID is on form DA-116 or DA-116a. The same Operator ID and Password should be used for both SOKI3+ Test and SOKI3+. SOKI3+ Test is independent from SOKI3+. New users will have to be added to each system separately.

Instructions are provided on each page in SOKI3+.  For more detailed instructions or to practice, users can access the User Instructions Manual, SOKI3+ Test, or How Do I? by clicking on the Help menu option at the top or bottom of each page.  In How Do I?, users can click on links provided in Contents and Index to view the paths and procedures to perform various tasks.

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