Getting Started with the State of Kansas
Interactive Internet Interfunds (SOKI3+)


A test system identical to SOKI3+ is available to users for practice. To help users identify which system they are in, a red "Test System" will appear at the upper right corner of each page in SOKI3+ Test.

To access SOKI3+ Test or SOKI3+, a user must have: 1) a User Name and Password to access the system. The User Name and Password are provided when the agency is set up by Accounts and Reports. 2) an Operator ID and Password to identify the user to the system. The Operator ID is on form DA-116 or DA-116a. The same Operator ID and Password should be used for both SOKI3+ Test and SOKI3+.  SOKI3+ Test is independent from SOKI3+. New users will have to be added to each system separately. 

Use this site to sign on to SOKI3+ Test:

Use this site to sign on to SOKI3+:  


screen print of sign-on window For both SOKI3+ and SOKI3+ Test: The User Name and Password (password must be entered in lower case) are provided when your agency is set up by Accounts and Reports.


screen print from SOKI3 system of second sign-on window

Use the same operator ID and password for both SOKI3+ and SOKI3+ Test.

  1. Enter your operator ID (from Form DA-116 or DA-116a).
  2. The first time you log on, enter your assigned operator ID as your password, you will then be prompted to enter a new password which you will then use. After entering the Operator ID and Password, click Log Me On to log on.
  3. Click the Log Me Off button to log off.
  4. If you need a DA-116 or DA-116a form, click on the link to access it.

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