Getting Started with the State of Kansas
Interactive Internet Interfunds (SOKI3+)


This is the screen you get when you first login or when you click on the "Home" menu option:

screen print from SOKI3 system

The Home page provides access to all functions in the SOKI3+ system. The items listed below summarize the types of functions available and how to access them. The number by each item corresponds to the number shown on the graphic.

  1. Menu options appear at the top and bottom of every page for quick access. Users can access various system functions by clicking on the links on the menu options or by clicking on the appropriate function listed under Site Options. On-line help is available by clicking Help on the menu option. On-line help includes Sign-up Forms, User Instruction Manual, How Do I?, SOKI3+ Test System, Upload File Formats, J.V. Type Code List, J.V. Trans Code Table List and Project Outline. In How Do I?, users can click on links provided in Contents and Index to view the paths and procedures to perform various tasks. J.V. Type Code List specifies the agencies and transaction codes allowed for each journal voucher type. J.V. Trans Code Table lists journal voucher field requirement (required, not allowed, or optional) for each transaction code that may be used on journal vouchers in SOKI3+.
  2. Click to get the User ID and Password prompt box to log on/off.
  3. Used to maintain agency, group, and user profiles, or locate other agency contacts.
  4. Used to initialize, locate, view, edit, approve, or release current (outstanding) documents.
  5. Used to search/view documents or create an activity report database for downloading and import to a spreadsheet or word processing application.
  6. Shortcuts to your waiting documents (current documents) lists. Separate links are provided for interfunds and journal vouchers.

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