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This page lists all outstanding JVs to which the user has access. From this page, a user can view the status of or access each of these documents. The document line lists the entry date, agency, journal voucher number, and document amount.

Journal vouchers that require central approval received by the Accounts and Reports' Audit Services team by noon will be audited and those approved, along with JVs that do not require central approval released by the agencies, will be released and uploaded to STARS for processing that evening. The document will disappear from the waiting documents list once it's uploaded to STARS.

screen print from SOKI3 system

The items listed below explain the types of functions available and how to determine the status of a document using line colors and letters in the columns. The number/letter by each item corresponds to the number/letter shown on the graphic.

  1. Switch to turn comments On/Off.  The contents of the comment will appear below the document line when the Comments switch is turned on. The comments field is located inside the document.
  2. Sort/group documents in different orders:

    Entry Date: in descending order by entry date. The default sort. In red when a sort is active.
    Agency: documents are sorted by agency number in ascending order.
    Doc No: documents are sorted by document number in ascending order.
    Rel Date: unreleased documents are listed first. The released documents are grouped by release date in ascending entry date order.
    Status: documents are separated into four groups - documents awaiting entry, documents awaiting approval/release, documents awaiting audit, and documents awaiting upload. Documents are listed in ascending entry date order within each category.
  3. The letter shown in each column and the (document) line color indicate a document's current status.

E: error indicator. Documents containing errors will show a red check mark. 
S: the letter in this column indicates the current status of the document.

A = the document has been released by the agency and is currently awaiting audit from Accounts and Reports Audit Services. The status (line) color is turquoise.
E = the document is incomplete or contains errors. The line color is red.
P = the document is completed and is awaiting approval/release. The status (line) color is blue.
U = the document is awaiting upload to STARS. This includes both the documents that have been approved/released by Accounts and Reports, if central approval is required; and the documents that have been approved/released by agencies, if central approval is not required. The status (line) color is olive.

V: To view the document, click the View link by it.

  1. Transfer = Used to transfer the JV to another user.

To demonstrate how the status of a document can be identified by the color and letters in different columns on the document line, each sample document on the screen print above is analyzed below:

  1. A standardized description containing the initiator's agency and name is inserted by the system if the Description field was left blank when the document was initialized. The "P" in the status (S) column indicates the JV is completed and is awaiting release/approval. The line color is blue. 
  2. The turquoise line color and "A" in the S column indicate the document has been released and is awaiting approval from the Division of Accounts and Reports.
  3. The olive line color and the letter "U" in the S column indicate the document has been approved/released. It does not require approval from the Division of Accounts and Reports, and is currently awaiting to be uploaded to STARS.
  4. The red line color, the check mark in the E column, and "E" in the S column indicate the document is incomplete or contains errors.

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