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Interactive Internet Interfunds (SOKI3+)


screen print from SOKI3 system

Agencies can use this function to place orders of goods and services to another state agency provided that agency/group accepts on-line orders. Please note that the on-line ordering function is not tied to the interfund function, therefore it will still be necessary to create an interfund separately for the payment. The items listed explain the purpose of the fields. The item number corresponds to the number shown on the graphic.

  1. Your agency name should appear automatically as the ordering agency/group.
  2. Select the "To" group to receive the order. The list box contains all agencies/groups that did not turn Off their on-line ordering acceptance option on their agency/group profile. Since the system default is On, many agencies appear on the list box may not actually accept on-line orders. Before ordering for the first time from that agency/group, call first to make sure they accept on-line orders.
  3. Click the button to start the order. If the agency/group does not have a special form, a system general order form will appear. Complete the quantity, units, description, and additional comments fields as appropriate and click Send the General Order Form. The system will generate a formatted e-mail with the order to the vendor agency/group. You will also receive a copy of the order through e-mail.

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