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Interactive Internet Interfunds (SOKI3+)


screen print from SOKI3 system

The Interfund Initiation Selection Criteria on the Manual Interfund Initiation page allows the user to specify which side of the interfund, document number, whether attachment documents are forth coming, and the agencies/groups involved for the interfund that is being created. The items listed explain how to complete each field. The number by each item corresponds to the number shown on the graphic. 

  1. What you type here will appear on the list of waiting documents.
  2. Choose the type of document.
  3. The indicator can be turned on to notify the reciprocating group that supporting documentation is coming separately.
  4. Enter the document number (7 digits not the S or V).
  5. Select the group you are preparing voucher for.
  6. Select the reciprocating group or agency. Generally, the reciprocating group should be the specific group in the reciprocating agency that is responsible for the transaction. If the responsible group is unknown, select the agency's default group.
  7. After completing the fields, press this button to start the interfund, then click a link to access the document to enter funding and description information.

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