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Interactive Internet Interfunds (SOKI3+)


The Interfund Viewing page can be accessed using the following path: My Documents, Waiting Interfund Transfer, then click the View link by the document to access it.  It provides the document details and links to add, change, print, or delete the document.

Links vary depending on the user's authorities and the stage of a document. Not all links are shown here, nor will all links shown here necessarily appear on your document.

screen print from SOKI3 system


screen print from SOKI3 system


The items listed explain the functions of each link, button, or field. The number by each item corresponds to the number (in green dots) shown on the graphic.

  1. A quick access to the Detail or Receipt Section; or jump to the bottom to view other links - Link to a More Printable Page, View a Standard Cover Sheet for this Document, etc .
  2. Click to jump to the bottom of the page to view error details.
  3. You have several options at the beginning stage of an interfund: delete the entire interfund or transfer expenditure/receipt to the reciprocating group. The Delete the entire interfund link did not appear for this particular document because the receipt side has been released. Prior to release by the Accounts and Reports Audit Services Team, interfunds can be deleted by the receipt side at any time while the expenditure side can only delete interfunds prior to receipt side reciprocation. Approve the expenditure/expenditure, Release the expenditure/receipt, and Notify an Approver/Releaser links will appear after your side of interfund is completed without errors.
  4. Click to go to the Interfund Header Modification page where document number, document date, effective date, initiating/reciprocating agency, and supporting document indicator may be added/changed.
  5. If the Documents on the way? button was turned on by the initiating group on the Manual Interfund Initiation page, the supporting documentation "on the way" message will appear. The message can be changed/ turned on later by modifying the document header information or printing the supporting document cover sheet in the document. Depending on which Supporting Documentation radio button was turned on on the Interfund Header Modification page, the Supporting Documentation message may vary: "ON THE WAY!","should not be expected ", or "may or may not have been sent".

    Click on the Click here when it arrives link to change the message to " has arrived".
  6. By clicking on the appropriate link, you may add/delete expenditure/receipt funding lines, add/delete detail lines, return to your waiting documents list, or print an interfund voucher (without most links and instructions).
  7. The comments added here will appear below the document line on the Waiting Documents screen.
  8. The expenditure/receipt funding lines and detail lines may be modified by clicking on the underlined amount of the line to be changed. Note: the amounts (currently shown as $0.00's) will be underlined when the lines are entered.
  9. It is here that you can do the simple upload (upload only the funding lines without document number, amount, or description). Click Browse to select the file containing the funding lines, then click Test the File Before Uploading or Upload the File.
  10. This area will show the portion of document's update, approval, and release information and by whom.
  11. Click the link to view the agency name, address, document number, and last update for both the receipting and expending sides. If this link is followed, the system will assume you are going to send supporting documentation. The page at this link should be printed and sent with the documentation.

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