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Interactive Internet Interfunds (SOKI3+)


The Journal Voucher Viewing page can be accessed using the following path: My Documents, Waiting Journal Vouchers, then click the View link by the document to access it.  It provides the document details and links to add, change, print, or delete the document.

Links vary depending on the user's authorities and the stage of a document. Not all links are shown here, nor will all links shown here necessarily appear on your document.

screen print from SOKI3 system


screen print from SOKI3 system

The items listed explain the functions of each link, button, or field. The item number corresponds to the number (in green dots) shown on the graphic.

  1. Indicates the document's JV type.
  2. Links to delete, transfer, approve, or release the document.
  3. The first 5 characters of the current document number are assigned by the system based on the JV type selected in JV initiation. The last 3-digits can be changed by typing the new number, then clicking on the Mod (Modify) button.
  4. Click on the link to delete all funding lines.
  5. Origin and Orig Doc# are selected/entered on the funding entry page. Available Origins are: none, soki, or deleg. Select soki if the original document was processed in SOKI3 or SOKI3+. Once the original document number is entered, the system will create a link. The user will be able to view the original SOKI document by clicking the original document number link. Select deleg if the original document was processed through the Delegated Audit Authority program (the original document was not sent to the Division of Accounts and Reports for approval). Use none for all other original document types or no original documents.

    The up to 100-character description entered on the funding entry page will not be uploaded to STARS.
  6. To change an existing funding line, click on the dollar amount ($1,000.00 here) link to access the funding line.
  7. Click this link to add more funding lines.
  8. It is here that you can do the simple upload (upload only the funding lines without document number, amount, or description). Click Browse to select the file containing the funding lines, then click Test the File Before Uploading or Upload the File.
  9. Use this field to enter/update the purpose/reason for the JV. The comments entered here will appear after the JV (in a shaded line) on the waiting JVs list.
  10. Lists the persons who have processed the document. Name will be bold if the document is released.
  11. Various links to related pages. Click Link to a More Printable Page to access a page where the document can be printed without most of the links and explanations.

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