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screen print from SOKI3 system

The History Main page is where you can search any past or outstanding (current) documents by different criteria. The search results can either be viewed on line or downloaded to your PC for manipulation. The items listed below summarize the types of functions available in each item. The item  number corresponds to the number shown on the graphic.

  1. Use this function to search documents and view results on-line. The system will return with a list from which you can link to individual documents for viewing. A maximum of 200 documents may be returned. If more documents are found, the system will return a message "Too many documents found, please narrow your search.".
  2. Use this function to search documents and generate a report database that can be downloaded to your computer (saved as a .dbf file), and imported to most spread sheet, database, or word processing applications.

The graphic below is the History Search Page for interfunds. The criteria for the JVs Search page are similar and will not be discussed separately. Documents are searched using any or all of the following criteria:

  1. General Voucher Criteria: voucher status (outstanding? yes, no, or both), voucher side (receipt, expenditure, or both?), entry date, receipt doc #'s, expend doc #'s, fund, entry operator, or funding line. Receipt and expenditure documents can NOT be looked up at the same time when using specific document numbers as search criteria.
  2. Agency/Group Criteria: your agency, your group, reciprocate group, or reciprocate agency.
  3. Approval/Release Criteria: release date, aging report, approve operator, release operator, audit release date, or STARS upload date.

screen print from SOKI3 system


screen print from SOKI3 system

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