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State of Kansas Paycard Program

Skylight Debit Card Account
Frequently Asked Questions for Agencies

Q. How can employees access their pay?
A. Employees can access or use their pay in a variety of ways:

  • Withdraw cash at ATMs (PLUS, PULSE, STAR & Interlink Networks): $1.50 Skylight Fee
  • Make "debit" purchases at merchants with PIN terminals: $1.00 Skylight Fee
  • Receive cash back when making purchases at participating merchants
  • Pay bills electronically with preauthorized bill pay
  • Purchase money orders at any U.S. Post Office via the Skylight card (debit) and obtain up to $50.00 cash over.
  • Transfer money to a relative or friend's Skylight card via a Skylight SubAccount.

Q. How are the cards funded?
A. Like direct deposit to a bank account, the cards are funded by way of an ACH transmission from any employer or other entity. An employee's spouse can also have pay via direct deposit directed to the same account. Skylight will provide a voided check to the employee with their bank routing number & account number to use for set up on direct deposit.

Q. Does an employee have to have a bank account with the bank that issues the card?
A. No, the card is issued by U.S. Bank through Skylight so the employee will only need to establish an account with Skylight. Skylight functions as the employee's bank, servicing all aspects of the account.

Q. How do employees determine their available balances?
A. Employees can obtain their current balance as follows:

  • Free access via toll free number shown on the back of the card [1-800-686-3363]
  • ATM balance inquiry for a $1.00 fee or free of charge from a U.S. Bank ATM while making a withdrawal.
  • Coming Soon! Free access online at www.skylight.net.

Q. How do employees get their cards?
A. Agency HR Representatives will present the Skylight card to the employee immediately upon completion of enrollment.

Q. Can employees request a second card for another individual such as a family member, in that individual's name? 
A. Yes, a second card, which accesses the same account, is available. (A different feature called the Skylight SubAccount is also available, whereby the master account holder transfers funds to a sub account for access by a relative or friend.) 

Q. What happens if the Employee leaves employment at the State of Kansas?
A. The employee can keep the Skylight card and their account! Skylight is their bank and stays with them. The employee can simply provide any new or additional employer with his/her account information. Customer Care will provide the "bank routing number" and/or account number to help set up direct deposit with a new employer.

Q. What happens if the card is lost or stolen?
A. Employees should call the toll-free customer service number 1-800-686-3363 to report a lost or stolen card. One free replacement card will be sent via U.S. Mail. Rush orders are available for an added charge. (Note: the card number will be new, but the account number remains the same.)