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Accounts and Reports Setoff Program

Using the Accounts Receivable Setoff Program to Collect Delinquent Accounts Receivable

- Criteria for Submitting Debts for Setoff 
- Matching Against Different Types of Payments 
- Steps in Completing Setoff 
- Debtor Appeal Rights 
- Maintaining Control of Setoff Accounts 
- Fees/Disposition of Collections 

Information, Requirements, and Forms for Participation

- Highlights of the Setoff Program 

- Agreement

Click here to view the setoff agreement in .pdf format. (Please make sure that you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader before viewing this file.)

The Setoff Agreement requires an authorizing signature and must be mailed in to complete the agreement process between the municipality and the State of Kansas. We are providing a downloadable copy in Word format for your convenience.

- Delinquent Debts Form

Submit debts on line into the KDRS system.

The Delinquent Debts Form is provided here in Excel format. 

Click here to view the Delinquent Debts Form in .pdf format. (Please make sure that you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader before viewing this file.)

Description of Data Elements for Delinquent Debts Form 

- Debt Adjustment Form

The Debt Adjustment Form is no longer available. The new internet based Kansas Debt Recovery System (KDRS) allows you to post adjustments to your agency’s account. If you do not have a sign on to the new system, please contact Mike at 785-296-2415. You will need to know your creditor agency number. If you already have a sign on, please sign on to the system and post the adjustment. User Manuals are available on the Home Page. There is a User Manual that shows how to post an adjustment. Read the information carefully and post the necessary adjustment. If you have difficulties opening the User Manuals, you may need to update your Adobe reader. Contact your technical support person and have them assist you in downloading a free updated version of Adobe.

Adjustments you make in KDRS are placed into the Uncertified Adjustments List. While the transaction is in the Uncertified Adjustments List, you can make adjustments to the uncertified adjustment (Home Page – Creditors, Uncertified Adjustments List.) Setoff staff will process the transactions in the Uncertified Adjustments List. After Setoff certifies the transaction, the transaction will be posted to the Debt record.

During the Setoff Tax Match Process, you will be able to post an adjustment. You must process the adjustment within four calendar (4) days of the creditor agency Notice of Intent. Setoff staff must process your adjustments before the Tax Setoff Order is generated by the KDRS system. When Setoff notifies a debtor of an impending tax match, the creditor agency (CA) also receives the CA Notice of Intent (CA NOI). The CA NOI informs the agency of the debt balance in KDRS. The agency should immediately review their system and the account in KDRS. After reviewing the two systems, the agency should determine if an adjustment should be posted to KDRS and post the adjustment within four (4) calendar days of the date of the NOI. Six days after the NOI was sent to the debtor and the creditor agency, a Tax Setoff Order is system generated and sent to Kansas Department of Revenue (Revenue). The Tax Setoff Order cannot be stopped or altered after it has been generated. Setoff will receive from Revenue the amount stated in the Tax Setoff Order. The creditor agency is unable to post adjustments to an account after the Tax Setoff Order is generated. Setoff is unable to process an agency’s adjustment after the Tax Setoff Order is generated. The creditor agency can only post an adjustment prior to the Tax Setoff Order being generated and Setoff staff can only process a creditor agency’s adjustment prior to the Tax Setoff Order being generated. The creditor agency must process the adjustment and Setoff staff must process the creditor agency’s adjustment, prior to the Tax Setoff Order being generated.

If you are unable to post a transaction, you must send a secure email to KSSetoff. Setoff assumes your agency can post the adjustment and Setoff staff will respond accordingly, unless you include “Unable to post adjustment to KDRS” in the subject line. The subject line must state, “Unable to post adjustment to KDRS”. You can add more to the subject line to help identify the specific email. Never include the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) in the subject line.

Several hundred agencies utilize the Setoff Program. Please include your 11 character agency number in the body of the letter to help Setoff identify your agency and the correct account. Use the name in KDRS for Setoff to identify the record in KDRS. You must also provide the account number of the debt in KDRS, if your agency has more than one debt in KDRS. Refer to the Adjustment Type definitions in KDRS and inform Setoff if the adjustment is an ADDITION, REDUCTION, DECERTIFICATION, or AGENCY COLLECTION (a non refundable collection fee will be charged to your agency.)


Some of the documents on this web page are provided in Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf). In order to view or print these documents, you will need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (click here for instructions on obtaining Adobe Acrobat).