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Parking surrounding the Capitol Complex is under the jurisdiction of the City of Topeka.  The parking meters are 70 per hour for all 1/2-hour, 1-hour, and 2-hour parking meters.  All 10-hour parking meters are 45 per hour.  Debit cards are available for 10-hour meters only.  To obtain information regarding a debit card, call the City Parking Personnel Office at 368-3934. State agencies with visitors parking in Lot #8 must also report information to Parking Administration at 296-5191.

To find parking information for a specific location, click on the street where you are interested in parking.  

Scroll down to find information on visitor street parking around the Capitol Complex.    


8th Street

  • Most of the parking meters along the south side of 8th street between Jackson and Harrison are 10-hour.  However, there are also two 1/2-hour and two 1-hour meters close to the center of the block near Van Buren.  Be careful to take special note of the signs when parking in this area.
  • Along the North side of 8th Street there are 1-hour and 2-hour meters. 

10th Street

  • Along the north side of 10th Street between Kansas and Jackson (by Memorial Hall) there are both 1-hr and 2-hr parking meters.  No parking is allowed along the south side.
  • Along 10th Street between Jackson and Harrison - there are 10-hour parking meters along the south side of 10th Street and 2-hour parking meters along the north side of 10th Street.  

11th Street

  • Between Kansas and Jackson Streets, parking is along the north side of 11th Street only and they are 1-hour meters.
Harrison Street
  • There are 2-hour meters on the east side of Harrison between 8th and 9th Streets.  
  • There are10-hour meters on the west side of Harrison between 8th and 9th Streets.  
  • Between 9th and 10th Streets along Harrison, there are only 1-hour meters on both the east and west sides. 
Jackson Street
  • Between 8th and 9th Streets along Jackson, there are 10-hour meters on both east and west sides.
  • Between 9th and 10th Street along Jackson, there are 1/2-hour parking on the east side (along Landon State Office Bldg) and 1-hour parking across the street on the west side.
  • Between 10th and 11th streets along Jackson (across from the Curtis State Office Bldg), there are only 1-hour meters.
  • Between 11th street and 12th Street along Jackson there are four 10-hour meters.
State Parking Lot #1

Free parking for Capitol Complex Visitors:  in addition to metered parking along the streets, there is a specifically marked section for visitor parking in lot #1; enter the first entrance south of Tenth Street on Harrison.  There is a sign designated "Visitor Parking" as you enter the parking lot.  The visitor section is located along the second parking island facing the Judicial Center. This is 4-hour parking only and violators will be ticketed.

State Agency Visitors:

Parking lot #4 is available for overflow parking and space is usually available in this lot at any time during the day for state agency visitors. It is the agency's responsibility to call Parking Administration at 296-5191 to report the visitor's name and license tag number for permission to park in Lot #4. Any unauthorized vehicle parked in lot # 4 will be ticketed.


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