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Business Travel Account (BTA) Information

Please Contact Nickie Roberts at 296-7917 or email for Additional Information

One key provision of the Enterprise contract is the use of the existing business travel accounts (BTAs) for payment. The BTA is a cardless VISA account issued by UMB Bank to an agency. BTAs have previously been used only for airline and rail charges for employee travel.

We have provided a list of the existing BTA account numbers to Enterprise, along with agency mailing addresses, contact person, and the contact person's e-mail address.  Enterprise will assign an "Enterprise Corporate Account Number" to each account, and notify the agency contact person of this Enterprise Corporate Account Number. The individual making the rental vehicle reservation must use the "Enterprise Corporate Account Number" to complete the transaction. 

If your agency does not want the vehicle rental charges commingled with the airline charges, the agency may request a separate BTA account just for the vehicle rentals.

Agencies should contact Nickie Roberts in the Division of Accounts and Reports for assistance with existing BTA accounts or to establish new BTA accounts or to establish new BTA accounts.

Business Travel Account FAQ's

Q. Can an agency have more than one BTA account?

A. Agencies can choose to use only one BTA account held centrally, or may establish a separate BTA for each department or whatever “major business unit” your agency chooses.

Q. What if my agency would like to maintain air/rail charges on the existing BTA account and establish a separate account(s) for Enterprise charges?

A. Contact Nickie Roberts to establish the new accounts that your agency needs. When UMB Bank has assigned the BTA number, the Accounts and Reports will communicate info about the account to Enterprise.

Q. How will Enterprise use these BTA numbers?

A. They will assign an Enterprise Corporate Number to each BTA. Your traveler, or whomever makes the car rental reservation, should use the Enterprise Corporate Account Number to make the reservation. The traveler will not need the BTA number.

Q. When will agencies receive their new Enterprise Corporate Account Numbers?

A. Enterprise should have provided these numbers to the agency’s BTA contact person by November 19th. If you do not know who should have received this information for your agency, Nickie Roberts can provide this information.

Q. When Enterprise bills agencies will the employee’s name be included?

A. Enterprise will bill state agencies by the renter’s (employee’s) name. If this is inadequate for your purposes, let Enterprise know when making the reservation, if you need a purchase order or some other means to more specifically identify how the rental is to be billed.

Q. Can the BTA be used for rental cars when an employee is traveling our-of-state (i.e., when employee flies to out-of-state location)?

A. At this time, we are limiting use of the BTA for rental cars acquired for use in accordance with contract 06316. We plan to review this at a future date to determine the feasibility of using BTA’s for these other rental car situations.

Q. Why is BTA use mandatory for rental car charges?

A. The BTA program was selected for two reasons:
a. Over 90 % of state agencies already had BTA accounts in place.
b. Use of this VISA product provides Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW) at no additional cost. The employee must decline the CDW/LDW on the rental agreement.