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Contractor Pre-qualification Information - General Information

Any Contractor wishing to bid work for the State of Kansas as a prime bidder needs to become pre-qualified.

  • Applicants must fill out the Contractor Pre-qualification Application.
    • Check either "New Application" or "Renewal Application" at the top of the form by double clicking on the check box and selecting "Checked"
  • After a screening process and submission of all required attachments companies are notified of their approval via a letter.
  • If a company takes more than 60 days to provide all the requried information, their applications are removed and the company must start the process over.
  • Contractors are evaluated after each project by the Architect/Engineer, Agency Rep and DFM (if applicable)
  • Evaluations are logged into the system and the contractor is given a “score” for each evaluation and an overall score to determine eligibility for bidding.  Individual questions’ scores are multiplied by a weight factor based upon the priority of the question.  The overall score is then divided by the number of questions answered to determine the average score.
  • If a score is below 2.82, the contractors are put on probation until their next completed project.
    • (See FAQ “What happens if a contractor doesn’t meet the minimum requirements?”)
  • 2.85 is the minimum competence level for a company to qualify. If all 17 questions on the evaluation are answered with a 2.0 (C), the average score is equal to 2.82.
  • Once on probation, a company must complete one project before his status is reviewed and adjusted to meet the recent performance based upon evaluations.

    • If the project was successful based upon the evaluations, the company is taken off probation and the company status approved.
    • If the project was unsuccessful based upon the evaluations the contractor disqualified for a period of 6 months at which time the company may not bid on any State of Kansas work.
    • After the 6-month period is completed the contractor is again on probation for a second time and will follow the requirements noted above.
    • If a contractor's average score for the second probation project is below the average, he is then disqualified to bid for a period of 3 years.
    • At the end of that three-year debarment the contractor must resubmit his Statement of Qualifications and provide references as requested. He will begin the next period on probation.