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Self Service Center Benefits - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get information about Group Health Insurance? 

What is Open Enrollment? 

  • Open Enrollment for active state employees occurs during the month of October each year. At that time benefits eligible employees can enroll or change their elections for group health plan and flexible spending accounts for the following year. 
    Open Enrollment Details: 

What is a Benefits Confirmation Statement? 

  • It is an online statement to confirm the selections made during open enrollment.  In early December of each year active employees can log into the Self Service Center and view the enrollment elections (Health and Flexible Spending Accounts) that will be in effect for the following plan year.      

What if my Benefits Confirmation Statement has an error in it?

  • You should contact the benefit representative in your Personnel/Human Resource office as soon as possible to make sure you have the correct coverage for the new plan year. 

I am a retiree, where can I find out about my health care coverage? 

  • You can get additional information and view recent newsletters at the Direct Bill home page.

I may  be separated from state service soon,  where can I get information about how to continue my coverage through COBRA? 

How can I find out if a prescribed drug is generic or formulary?

Where can I get information about Flexible Spending Accounts (KanElect)? 

Where can I get information about Deferred Compensation? 

  • The State of Kansas uses ING to administer the deferred compensation program. For more information go to ING uses a separate login and password; therefore, do not use your Self Service Center login.  If you need further help, contact ING in Topeka at 1-800-232-0024 or locally at (785) 296-7095.

I signed into the Self-Service Center but the Open Enrollment Link did not have my information, what should I do?

  • Contact your agency Human Resource office for help.

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