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  • How long will paycheck data be available through employee self-service after an employee terminates employment?

Paycheck data will be available for 30 days after the effective date of the termination.

  • I couldn’t locate my leave balance information when viewing my paycheck data. What am I doing wrong?

Leave balance information is not included with the paycheck data. It is accessed through View Leave Balances. To view your leave balances, click on the Home link and then click on the View Leave Balances link.

  • How long will paycheck data be available through employee self-service?

Paycheck data will be available for a minimum of three calendar years.

  • I get paid by check rather than by direct deposit. Will my paycheck information still be available through employee self-service?

All paycheck information will be available through employee self-service regardless of the method by which you receive your pay.

  • When I first viewed the data for my paycheck it contained year-to-date balances. Later when I viewed this same paycheck, I couldn’t find the year-to-date balances. What happened?

The paycheck for the most recent on-cycle pay period is the only one that contains year-to-date balances. Once a new on-cycle paycheck is issued, the "old" paycheck no longer contains this information.

  • I am employed by one of the Board of Regents’ Institutions. I can’t find any of my paychecks through employee self-service. Why can’t I find this information?

Because each Regents’ Institution computes pay for its employees, this information is not available through employee self-service.

  • I can’t find paycheck data for a particular pay period. Why can’t I find this information?

The most likely explanation would be that the paycheck you are searching for was later adjusted. When a paycheck is adjusted, the adjusted paycheck will display but the original paycheck no longer will be available. The adjusted paycheck will have a pay period end date for the off-cycle in which the adjustment was processed. Contact your agency Human Resource or Payroll office for assistance.

  • When viewing my available paychecks, I found one that shows net pay of $0.00. Why would I be getting a paycheck for $0.00?

Paychecks for $0.00 are not issued. However, there are a number of reasons a paycheck record for zero dollars might be created. Examples include paycheck adjustments that result in no change in net pay, garnishments that take all of your net pay, or changes in earnings and deductions where the amounts to be deducted exceed the available earnings. To determine the specific cause(s) for a zero net paycheck, contact your agency human resources or payroll office.

  • When I click on the View a Different Payment, the dates on the paychecks listed don’t match to the pay dates. Can you explain the difference?

The paychecks are listed by pay period end date and not by pay date. The pay date is generally 13 days after the pay period end date unless a holiday caused the pay date to be some day other than the normal Friday pay date.

  • When I print my paycheck some of the characters on the right hand margin appear to be cut off. What should I do to get all of the data to print?

You need to change the margins in Page Setup. When viewing the paycheck, click on File on the menu bar and select Page Setup from the menu displayed. Change the margins to .25 and click on Save. You can verify that this change will allow all data to be printed by selecting Print Preview.

  • When I print my paycheck it prints on 2 pages. What should I do to get all of the data to print on one page?

Paycheck data can be printed on a single page if your printer supports the printing option that follows. With the paycheck data displayed, click on “File” on the menu bar and then select “Print” from the menu displayed. If your printer window has a tab called "Finishing" (this works for the HP Laserjet 5N), click on the “Finishing Tab” at the top of the print dialogue box. In the “Document Options” box, set the “Pages per Sheet” to “2” and click the “Print” button. The two pages of the paycheck data will be printed side by side on one sheet of paper. If your printer window has a "Properties" button rather than tabs, click on the properties button. Check the different tabs to see if there is an option to print "'x' pages per sheet". 

This approach will result in smaller print which may be an issue for some employees. This printer change is temporary and will only remain in effect until the browser has been closed.

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